Better Detroit Youth Movement


The Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM) is a coalition of volunteers and other like-minded organizations that works together to provide opportunities for the city’s children. With BDYM being entirely volunteer-driven, various people had been in charge of running the organization’s social media networks. Unfortunately, when one person is solely in charge of social media, the organization’s online presence can be too dependent on how active that person is willing to be.


In early 2013, new social media networks were created on behalf of BDYM to update its online presence and share current information. In addition, a document of strategic guidelines were developed which included acceptable forms of content and partnering organizations to engage with. Before, BDYM’s social media was ran by one person. Now, BDYM volunteers are actively involved with telling the organization’s story. As a result of consistency and a clear vision, BDYM’s social media surpassed that of its old platforms and Facebook became the organization’s dominant voice, reaching over 1,000 likes in the span of 16 months.

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