Telling positive stories. By any means necessary.

Getting your message across requires a combination effective communication skills and imaginative concepts which help your story to resonate with its intended audience.  By working together, you’ll benefit from years of professional experience and continuing self-education coupled with proven results.

The skills that you’ll benefit from through our partnership include:

  • Public relations
    • Press releases
    • Pitch letters
    • Media kits
    • Article writing
  • Marketing communications
    • Business sales letters
    • Copywriting
    • Script writing
    • Marketing plans
    • Presentation creation
  • Social media management
    • Hootsuite (Certified)
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Storify
    • Instagram
  • Contributing articles and blog posts
    • Marketing/PR analysis
    • Community service and relations
    • Youth engagement
    • Diversity
  • Public speaking
    • Personal branding
    • Community relations and relations
    • Youth engagement
    • Social media strategies
    • Marketing/PR topics

So whether you’re looking for media placement or trying to further develop your audience, we’ll work together to help tell your story and meet your goals.



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