“If you meet Cedric Brown, there will be several things about him that will impress you. Cedric Brown is definitely a young marketing professional who handles himself well. Plus, he really cares about finding ways to make his community better.

Cedric has formal marketing knowledge, and he has emotional maturity beyond his years. He is a young man, but he already seems to understand how important it is to remain calm during seemingly stressful events. He takes the initiative to get more marketing experience by involving himself in different organizations around the City of Detroit, and he accepts various leadership roles within those organizations. He finds ways to market these groups, including promoting events.

Cedric Brown gave me a personalized consulting session for submitting press releases to offline resources, like local community newspapers, daily papers, and magazines. He’s done this before for himself and different organizations he represents. He gave me some great tips about ways to find different media contacts and get their attention—the right type of attention. His customer service is better than many other consultants, too. A week after the session, he gave a follow-up call, asking whether I had a chance to apply any part of his lesson and if I had any other questions.

Cedric created a press release template for me to use, and the template looks great. I’ve already used it to submit something for an upcoming event I am promoting.”

Chris Wechner
The Ultimate Analyst: SEO Specialist

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