“Cedric Brown was introduced to me a few months ago as a new writer. I have been very impressed with Cedric’s work as well as his professionalism. My organization feel that we have found a person who can really help us get the identity that we need to our message out. I feel Mentoring Youth Network will work with Cedric for a very long time.”

“Mr. Brown has done two media releases for our organization and they were Meals on Wheels and Project: Warm Detroit. WWJ news radio reported on our Meals on Wheels event which was held Thanksgiving morning. Working for us on another event which was Project: Warm Detroit, Cedric’s amazing writing was picked up by a reporter from the Detroit News online edition. Our children were interviewed by the Detroit News and when they saw their names in the newspaper it made them feel very special for one day. Because of Cedric’s hard work and professionalism shows that he has what it takes to change lives.”

Antoine “Tony” Weston
Mentoring Youth Network President

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