For those of you who actually take time out to read my blogs, I would like to apologize for being away so long.  Usually, you could expect to see a post from me every month.  However, I have to admit I’ve lacked the motivation for my 12th post.  There was a lot that I was […]

Somebody made an interesting remark to me via Twitter a while ago.  He asked me and a few of his other followers this million dollar question: “They say you’ve got to pay your dues, but when do you get to cash the check?” My first thoughts on that question were something like, “Huh?” But, when […]

What’s the deal with retail stores lately? In the past several weeks I’ve read about the likes of retail giants like Sears and Best Buy potentially going out of business.  Okay, so maybe I can understand about Sears.  In case you didn’t know, Sears Holdings purchased K-Mart a few years ago (why?).  So essentially, Sears took […]

I saw an interesting status on my Facebook page earlier this week.  One of my friends said something along the lines that people who hustle do it because they don’t have a real job.  I’m pretty sure she was referring to what people consider your typical “hustla” – usually the stereotypical young black man who […]

How many of you have ever given your all to something? Maybe it was a big corporate project that you hoped would get you that big promotion. Maybe it was toward your schoolwork.  Heck, you may’ve even given your all to a “special someone”.  So, if you’re anything like me, I bet it hurts you to […]