Downtown Boxing Gym to Host Four-Course Dinner Fundraiser

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December 10 event proceeds to go towards youth boxing program

December 2, 2012

Detroit, MI – Downtown Boxing Gym will host a holiday dinner fundraiser to benefit its successful youth boxing program on Monday, December 10, at 4760 St. Aubin Street in Detroit from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The four course dinner, sponsored by Supino’s Pizzeria, will feature traditional Italian family-style polenta prepared by local chefs and served by Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program students. Contributing chefs include: Dave Mancini – Supino’s Pizzeria; Brian Perrone – Slows BBQ; Marie Mourou – Astro Coffee; Will Branch – Corridor Sausage Company; and Christina Gibbs. Dress code for this event is business casual and tickets are being sold for $100.

The menu will start with an appetizer that features bresaola, parmigiano reggiano and dressed market greens. The entree will include polenta sulla spianatoia, ragu of braised beef and roasted vegetables – which also includes a vegetarian ragu. After the entrees, diners can satisfy their tastes for handmade cheeses with a selection offered by Zingerman’s Creamery. The night will conclude with a seasonally-inspired surprise dessert.

“We are happy to sponsor Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program in this inaugural event,” said Dave Mancini, executive chef at Supino Pizzeria. “Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program has become an asset to our community by mentoring our city’s youth through the sport of boxing. Although we are a recent sponsor of the program, we have had the opportunity to witness their impact on the city and we are willing to support them any way we can.”

“We are looking forward to hosting our first dinner fundraiser,” said Carlo “Khali” Sweeney, president and founder of Downtown Boxing Gym. “Here at the gym, one of the principles we like to teach our students is to expand beyond their limits. Our executive staff has also implemented these principles as we come up with different ways to raise money for our youth program. We hope that the community comes out to dine with us, not just to support our program, but to support our students who have so much to offer this city beyond the sport of boxing.”

For more information, contact Jessica Hauser, Downtown Boxing Gym Vice President and Facility Director, at (248) 933-3358 or


The Downtown Youth Boxing Program is a non-profit organization that encourages Detroit youth to engage in a challenging physical, academic and social program in which trainers, tutors, counselors and social workers provide daily services onsite. The youth program aims to make a difference in participants’ lives with academic services, mentoring, community service and physical training. By focusing on body, mind and community, Downtown Boxing Gym helps youth develop the skills they need to be successful in boxing, school and life.

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