Downtown Youth Boxing Program Announces Avalon as Corporate Sponsor, “Rumble on the River” Event on July 20

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May 9, 2012

Detroit, MI – Downtown Boxing Gym is pleased to announce Avalon International Breads as its latest sponsor for the Youth Boxing Program. Avalon becomes a sponsor just before Downtown Youth Boxing Program’s annual Rumble on the River fundraising event on Friday, July 20, at the Detroit Yacht Club at 6:30.

Rumble on the River will feature live amateur boxing, where youth boxers in the Detroit program will compete against their counterparts from New York City’s program. A silent auction and dinner are also included at the event. Tickets are $85 and must be purchased by Friday, July 13.

“We are honored to claim Avalon International Breads as a sponsor,” said Carlo Sweeney, Downtown Boxing Gym Founder and President. “The youth in our program have made great strides in developing character and honing their talents. We are thankful that Avalon believes in our mission and will show our gratitude by continuing to improve the lives of youth through mentoring, academics and the sport of boxing.”

In addition to sponsoring Rumble on the River, Avalon will be purchasing new uniforms for Downtown Youth Boxing Program’s travel team, designed by Adriana Pavon. “Avalon International Breads is proud to sponsor the youth program at Downtown Boxing Gym,” said Avalon President Ann Perrault. “We believe that the Downtown Youth Boxing Program’s mission aligns with our commitment to a healthier, more vibrant Detroit. Avalon is inspired by the program’s influence on the city’s youth and we are thrilled to sponsor Rumble on the River as our first event.”

For more information on Rumble on the River or to purchase tickets, please contact Jessica Hauser, Downtown Youth Boxing Program Vice President and Chief Facility Director, at (248) 933-3358 or


The Downtown Youth Boxing Program is a non-profit organization that encourages Detroit youth to engage in a challenging physical, academic and social program in which trainers, tutors, counselors and social workers provide daily services onsite. The youth program aims to make a difference in participants’ lives with academic services, mentoring, community service and physical training. By focusing on body, mind and community, Downtown Boxing Gym helps youth develop the skills they need to be successful in boxing, school and life.

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