Where Past Meets Future

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Back to the Future?
Unfortunately in real-life, there is no going "Back to the Future" or even to the past

How many of you remember your grade school English class? For most of you its probably been a good while, nearly eons ago for baby boomers. Remember when your teacher taught you about using tenses? You learned how to used the past, present, and future tenses of words. It kind of got on my nerves at first, especially when it came to words like read (notice how the present tense is read and the past tense is still read). Confusing, right? But what’s not so confusing is how those same tenses you learned so long ago in English class relate to how you live your life today.

But before you think I’m starting to get all philosophical on you again, just hear me out on this one.

First, we have the past. It consists of moments and actions you once lived in. The past is bittersweet because you can never have those moments back, for better of worse. And unlike Florida in the 2000 Presidential Election, there are no redo’s. Rather, the past serves as an experience for you to learn from so that you can make more informed decisions on what to do in the present.

Then, there’s the future. Like Paris Hilton sightings, the future is unpredictable and unless you have ESP (extra-special powers) you’ll never know it holds. Your future can yield an endless sky of opportunities, or be wrought with failure and disappointments. But there is one way that you can determine what your future will look like (and it doesn’t include calling Ms. Cleo for your free reading).

The way to determine your future is by living in the present. This is where you use your past to paint a picture of what your future may hold. Those who use the past to hinder them from trying things will find themselves living in an unrealized future, which in turn causes you to live in a regretful present. You then live unhappily because of the mistakes you felt you made, and as the old saying goes, “misery loves company.” However, there are those who use the past as a stepping stone to where they want to be in the future. These people make the most of their present situation by being grateful for the resources they have today and using them to the best of their abilities. No it probably isn’t always easy, but these people realize that where they are today is better than where they were in the past. (Need a further explanation? Stay tuned!)

I’m only one final exam away from what they call “the real-world.” People ask me alot lately about what my future holds. It doesn’t bother me so much when I have to tell them that I don’t have a gig lined-up when I leave here, but I’m still looking. I’m not bitter about my present because I’m confident that I did my best to shape my past by utilizing the opportunities that were available to the best of my ability. At the same time, I also know that my future is far from being completely uncertain. Wondering what I mean by this? Stay tuned, keep reading and you’ll know what I mean soon enough.

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